ICURA develops welfare technology solutions

The goal is that our platforms:

Our products are user friendly and work across platforms. The products share a common technological foundation and can thus be combined so the overall solution is precisely adapted to context in which you wish to use them.

The total ICURA platform consists of a number of modules that, together or separately, act as liaison between a therapist and a patient.

Advantages with ICURA

Targeted treatment for the individual patient

ICURA trainer

Sensor-based product for physical rehabilitation where both the quantity and the quality of exercises are key.

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ICURA activity

Sensor-based product for courses of therapy where the keywords are physical activity and simple functional tests.

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ICURA u-cam

Camera-based application aimed at physically weak patients, such as COPD, heart, and cancer patients.

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ICURA was developed in collaboration with Danish municipalities and hospitals and has been extensively tested in collaboration with therapists and clinicians.

ICURA is CE-compliant and registered as a medical device with the Danish Health and Medicines Authority.

ICURA ApS works with digital welfare solutions. Our team consists of engineers, interaction designers, business developers, and graphic designers.


"Positive - throughout. You have no commute, you can do it whenever you want, and you feel obligated." Doris Nyrup — Knee patient
"It provided inspiration and motivation to do things right and really work out every day." Mogens Høiby — Hip patient
"The fact that you could train from home, I thought that was absolutely brilliant." Charlotte Krebs — Hip patient
"ICURA makes patients more engaged in their therapy, and it is my experience that they train more." Inge Bohn Bidstrup — Physiotherapist
"We clearly have a better picture of how they train at home, how much, and how well they do." Rasmus Schierbeck — Physiotherapist
"It's been really good that they can customise your exercises - individually, so they fit you completely." Peter Friis — Knee patient
Woman performing exercises with ICURA trainer

The future home training is mobile, flexible, and motivating

ICURA trainer is an interactive, remotely monitored training platform that can easily be integrated into everyday life.

ICURA trainer consists of motion sensors that detects and analyses the quantity and quality of training, and a mobile application that guides the patient and provides visual feedback.

ICURA trainer can be used by patients who are beginning a course of physical therapy, where the focus is on quality in their home training. For instance, the rehabilitation of specific parts of the body, or maintenance training through special exercises.

ICURA has been developed in collaoboration with both therapists and patients, and can be configurated with different modules.

Patient icon

For the patient

ICURA trainer smartphone and sensor

User-friendly and intuitive

With ICURA, patients can work out on their own, regardless of time and place. Exercises and training results are visualized on the supplied smartphone, so the patient can track their own progress as well as the overall training programme.


Exercising with motions sensors provides auditory and visual feedback.


Individually tailored training programme and calendar.


The smartphone's GPS measures the patient's walks.

Knowledge base

Information about the operation as well as answers to practical questions.

Message Board and Chat

Chat with other patients and with the therapist.


The patient can track the progress of their own training.

Simple navigation Personalised training programme An exercise

For the therapist

ICURA trainer web administration

Overview and clarity

With ICURA manager, the therapist is able to quickly and easily monitor their patients' training results. Quantity and quality is visualized in an easy to understand user interface. There, the therapist can also compose training programmes, change difficulty levels, and replace individual exercises.

ICURA manager helps ensure that home training is conducted in accordance with the planned course of treatment. If the quality or quantity of training is found to be lacking, the therapist has the opportunity to quickly see which exercises, and which elements of the exercises, that need to be addressed. The therapist may also change the patient's training programme as needed.

Exercise Bank

Contains a variety of exercises. These exercises can be adapted to fit the individual patient.


The patient's personal training calendar is composed by the therapist.


programme templates save time when adding new patients. The templates can be customized.

Training Results

Graphical overview of quantitative and qualitative training results.

Message Board and Chat

The therapist can communicate directly with patients.

New Exercises

The ICURA platform makes it easy for therapists to develop new exercises in collaboration with the ICURA team.

Communication between patient and therapist

Illustration of how ICURA trainer communicates between patient and therapist

All data are automatically transferred between patient and therapist. The data are encrypted in accordance with Danish legislation. No personally sensitive data are sent between the various ICURA devices.

Woman with ICURA activity

Motivation and self-reliance

With ICURA activity, it is possible to measure a patient's level of activity. Through an easy to understand user interface patients are encouraged to be more physically active, and to perform a series of simple exercises. Activity and exercise results are displayed on the mobile device, so the patient can track their own personal progress, as well as the overall treatment and training.

With ICURA manager the therapist is able to easily and quickly evaluate their patients' levels of activity and training results online. Patient data is visualized in an easy to understand user interface, where the therapist can also tailor their patients' activity programmes.

The ICURA activity platform can be customised with different modules as needed.

User-friendly mobile application

A simple mobile application guides and motivates the patient.

Individual programme

The therapists configure the activity programme for each patient directly on each mobile device, as well as via the internet.


The mobile app measures number of steps, distance travelled, and time when walking.

Message System

Therapists and patients can write to each other via the built-in messaging system.

Functional Tests

Patients can continually test themselves with built-in functional tests.

Knowledge Base

The mobile app contains a knowledge base with information and advice for the patient.

Main screen & functional test

Motivation and self-reliance

ICURA u-cam is an interactive, camera-based training platform that allows for simple monitored training at home.

ICURA u-cam is a flexible application that runs on both tablets and computers.

The ICURA u-cam application can be installed and calibrated by the patient.

User-friendly Application

A simple application guides and motivates the patient.

Individual programme

The therapist configures the training programme for the individual patient online.

Camera Tracking

The built-in camera, which most computers are born with, measures the patients movements and exercises.

Message System

The therapist and the patient can write to each other with the built-in messaging system.


The patient can track the development of own training.

Knowledge Base

The application contains a knowledge base with information and advice for the patient.


The ICURA technology is developed in cooperation with several Danish municipalities and has been extensively tested by both therapists and clinicians.

ICURA is CE marked and registered as a medical device by the Danish Health and Medicines Authority.

ICURA ApS works with digital welfare solutions. Our team consists of engineers, interaction designers, software developers, and graphic designers. We have many years of experience working with digital applications and have always made it our specialty to develop products and services based on the connection between the physical and the digital reality.

Jakob Mandøe Nielsen CEO
Lars Jessen CTO
Jesper Harding Project Manager
Daniel Høier Øhrgaard Engineer
Jerker Hammarberg Engineer
Steffen Winther Interaction Designer
Sofia Tillitz Roth Healthcare Consultant
Fanny Giordano Service Designer

References and collaboration partners

ICURA is developed and tested in collaboration with Danish municipalities and educational institutions. Prior to deployment, the techonology has been matured and tested in dialogue with physiotherapists and occupational therapists as well as various clinicians. More than a hundred patients participated in various tests, and the technology has also undergone both instrumented and manual tests with positive results.


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